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A versatile panic button... and so much more

  • Multi-function versatility provides both protection and convenience
  • Panic button tested by the National Institute of Standards and Technology
  • Customize your app to fit your branding and institutional needs
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"When you call us from the app, we'll be able to tell where you are inside a building and what floor you are on. None of the other apps can do this..."

Raul Munguia
Chief of Police, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Change your app to fit your needs

Your environment is unique, your safety app should be too. Don't settle for generic apps that don't fit your needs and can't adapt over time. Our simple yet thorough customization options give you 24 / 7 access to a variety of app configuration settings.

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mobile safety app - emergency security configuration settings table

App configuration spotlight

Get the most out of your custom app

You can add and remove features (and create custom ones), change your in-app colors, and rearrange your layout to streamline your app users' experience.

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Simple panic activation

Send for help from the lockscreen

With your institution's unique safety app, community members can activate the app's panic button functionality without even unlocking their smartphone with the panic button widget. When an emergency takes place, rarely is there time to unlock a smartphone, swipe through the home screens and locate a specific app. The panic button widget ensures your community members have the quickest access to direct assistance when they'll need it most.

mobile safety app - emergency security panic button widget

NIST-tested location technology

Can locate down to the floor and room number

Contacts your custom groups and security forces

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Tip submission made easy

Allow your community to help itself

With simple tip submission functionality, your community members can become your eyes and ears, allowing you to receive important feedback and understand trends.

Anonymous sending capability

Attach photos & videos with tips

Chat can be initiated to find out more info

Create a safety network

A safety timer for at-rist activities

If a community member is going to engage in an activity that might put them at-risk, such as walking to their car late at night, they can use the Safety Timer feature to protect themselves through an active safety network.

The timer works to protect the app user by showing their selected emergency contacts a map of their active location. If the timer hits zero before the app user enters their PIN, the emergency contacts will be notified.

mobile safety app - emergency security safety timer illustration
mobile safety app - emergency security safety timer

Consolidate your resources

Your mobile safety app will allow you to keep a digital archive of all your community resources in one easy-to-access place. Your community will always have the latest information at their fingertips.

mobile safety app - emergency security maps

Community coordination

Show significant locations

Help your community members get familiar with key locations by identifying them via the Safety Map feature. You can even color code groups to further categorize your areas of interest.

The command center

Stunningly stress free and simple

With the all-in-one 911Cellular portal, your configuration, training and continued use is a breeze. The expertly designed interface gives you all the features you need to deploy an enterprise-level system, without the clutter and confusion of a crowded product.

mobile safety app - emergency security 911Cellular portal

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Protect all of your caregivers with a multi-layered approach to safety, reducing healthcare violence and organizational liability.

Higher Education

Provide your students and staff members with unprecedented safety and convenience technology while staying Clery compliant.

K-12 Schools

Achieve Alyssa's Law compliance and a streamlined emergency communication workflow to your first responders and police.

Public Safety

Blanket your community with efficient, smartphone-accessible tools to get in touch with the right people for any situation.