Emergency Alert System

Reliably reaching your community members

  • Simple, intuitive sending interface with no sacrifice of features
  • Recipients receive your message in their preferred language
  • Community feedback gives you more information about a live event
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"I am not a computer wizard... this is by far the easiest system to work with and the most effective."

Dave McLaughlin
Director of Safety Services, Ashland University
healthcare violence solution - emergency alerts

Mobile sending

Send your alerts from any device

Don't let yourself be restricted in when or how you can send your important alerts to your community. With the 911Cellular web portal app, you can get your messages out to your targeted groups in just seconds.

10+ methods of sending for all of your alerts

sms alert


phone call alert


email alert


rss alert


push notification alert

Push Notes

computer alert


cap alert

CAP Alert

facebook alert


twitter alert


blue light alert

Blue Lights

webhooks alert


Community feedback

Let your community work for you

With optional community feedback features, your recipients can give you instant feedback about situations happening right now. This additional information can then be relayed to your response teams, potentially improving the overall outcome of the incident.

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FREE Whitepaper

Properly utilize your alert system

How does a multi-modal approach to mass notification affect your emergency alert system? What about communicating in different languages? Find out this and more with our free whitepaper, "Are your emergency messages reaching the right people?".

Know if they're safe

Get real-time location updates

When an incident occurs, you can request that your community members check-in with a 'SAFE' or 'NOT SAFE' status. This allows you to track your community members' well-being during a potential emergency. You can even see their location in real-time!

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Contact those who are not safe

Community members that label themselves as 'NOT SAFE' will be displayed to your staff as priority and can be contacted to find out more information.

The command center

Stunningly stress free and simple

With the all-in-one 911Cellular portal, your configuration, training and continued use is a breeze. The expertly designed interface gives you all the features you need to deploy an enterprise-level system, without the clutter and confusion of a crowded product.

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Schedule Notifications

You'll never forget to send out notifications to your community again. Schedule alerts for recurring events so your target audience gets the information they need at exactly the right time.

Automatic weather alerts

Integration with the National Weather Service provides automatic notifications, once your parameters are met, to your specifically chosen recipients and locations before bad weather hits that area.

No character limits

Don't worry about your notification being cut-off mid sentence when sending out important alerts! We don't put character limits on your SMS messages so your community always gets the full message.

Opt-in / opt-out

Our emergency notification system supports both opt-in and opt-out registration methods. Uploading and organizing user data is incredibly simple and the data is yours to keep.

Blue light integration

Bolster your existing blue light towers with a simple integration, allowing you to see exactly which blue lights are activated and even display that blue light's camera if it has one.

Send to VOIP

Send alerts to your VOIP phones to ensure your community gets the message fast. VOIP is just one of many methods through which your notification can be sent.

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Protect all of your caregivers with a multi-layered approach to safety, reducing healthcare violence and organizational liability.

Higher Education

Provide your students and staff members with unprecedented safety and convenience technology while staying Clery compliant.

K-12 Schools

Achieve Alyssa's Law compliance and a streamlined emergency communication workflow to your first responders and police.

Public Safety

Blanket your community with efficient, smartphone-accessible tools to get in touch with the right people for any situation.