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K-12 School Safety Solutions

Ranked #1 by Florida DoE Selection Committee

K12 School Solution 911Cellular Medal

After exhaustive deliberation, the Florida Department of Education's Selection Committee rated 911Cellular as the #1 mobile panic alert system for Alyssa's Law compliance in 2021.

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"We have a lot of locations for one county... With 911Cellular, if there were an emergency, we can get someone there very quickly"

Corey Howard
Greenbriar County School District

What is Alyssa's Law?

Legislation & requirements by state

Alyssa's Law is named after Alyssa Alhadeff, a 14-year old girl who lost her life during the Parkland school shooting in early 2018. To prevent such a terrible tragedy from happening again, Alyssa's Law requires that teachers and staff members have quick access to life-saving mobile panic buttons capable of alerting first responders.


Alyssa's Law compliance deadline: 08/01/20. Legislation requires each building to have at least one silent panic alarm that can alert law enforcement.

New Jersey

Alyssa's Law was passed on 02/06/19. All schools will be required to obtain a certification of compliance with Alyssa's Law.

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Panic buttons & Alyssa's Law compliance

Time equals life. When a situation arises where law enforcement needs to respond to a life-threatening emergency, your panic buttons must be accessible, fast and effective in sending the proper information. 911Cellular is rated as the #1 panic button vendor by the Florida DoE Selection Committee based on an evaluation of technology, completion ability and price!

Achieve compliance

Our top rated technology checks all the boxes for Alyssa's law compliance

Multi-platform accessibility

Panic buttons are accessible from a variety of devices, from desktops, laptops and tablets to smartphones, smartwatches and even wearables.

Alerts first responders

When a panic button is activated, important information is sent to your custom groups, including first responder agencies.

Made for your district's needs

911Cellular technology is fully configurable and flexible to your specific school district's needs through our expertly designed web portal.

Achieve compliance

How does it work?

911Cellular panic button's utilize NIST-tested location accuracy across multiple platforms for a multi-layered approach to safety. Each accessible panic button provides quick-access to safety forces, including law enforcement, while reducing false activations.

k12 school solution - panic button communication
k12 school solution - panic button communication

Multiple layers of protection

NIST-tested location technology

Fast & easy implementation

Get in touch to achieve compliance before the fall deadline!

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healthcare violence solution - emergency alerts

Emergency alerts

Inform your staff from anywhere

Keeping your staff informed at all times is a serious task... and you won't always have access to a computer when the message needs to go out. 911Cellular's web portal app gives you anywhere access to quick-sending capabilities so you can rest assured that your community will receive all important alerts in a timely manner.

Community feedback

Advanced 2-way communication features allow you to receive feedback from your staff members when prompted... such as their safety status and location during a potential emergency.

Automatic weather alerts

Integration with the National Weather Service provides automatic notifications, once your parameters are met, to your specifically chosen recipients and locations before bad weather hits that area.

Send from any device

Navigating an emergency alert interface should always be easy no matter which device you have access to at the time. That's why we've prioritized a simple smartphone experience of the 911Cellular web portal.

10+ methods of sending for all of your alerts

sms alert


phone call alert


email alert


rss alert


push note alert

Push Notes

computer alert


cap alert

CAP Alert

facebook alert


twitter alert


blue light alert

Blue Lights

webhook alert


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