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Higher Education Safety Solutions

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Make sure your campus safety solutions speak to your students and community members through a relatable and dependable platform.

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Your safety app

Made just the way you like it

Your campus community identifies with, and trusts your school's branding. And when the topic of safety on campus comes up, they're going to trust an app that aligns itself with your branding as much as possible. Make sure your safety app looks and feels like it belongs with our simple yet extensive customization options. Oh and it's also a breeze to set-up!

Your app name and icon

24 / 7 feature changes

Your brands colors

"It's probably the highest rewarding software purchase that I've made in my five years as CIO..."

Ray Stanley
CIO, Marian University

Anonymous tips

Data shows that students are far more likely to submit tips to campus safety when they can do so anonymously.

Variety of features

Provides a panic button that contacts campus safety forces directly, a resource hub, safety timer, maps and more.

More than a symbol

We're proud of our high download and usage rates, facilitated by a slew of helpful materials, guides and support.

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Healthcare violence solution - emergency alerts

Emergency alerts & Clery compliance

Alert your campus from anywhere

Keep your campus community in the know about important events relevant to them... and do so with confidence... from anywhere. 911Cellular's web portal app gives you anywhere access to quick-sending capabilities so you can send targeted notifications at a moment's notice.

"I am not a computer wizard... this is by far the easiest system to work with and the most effective."

Dave McLaughlin
Director of Safety Services, Ashland University

Community feedback

Advanced 2-way communication features allow you to receive feedback from your community members when prompted... such as their safety status and location during a potential emergency.

Automatic weather alerts

Integration with the National Weather Service provides automatic notifications, once your parameters are met, to your specifically chosen recipients and locations before bad weather hits that area.

130+ languages

Alert recipients will automatically receive your message in their preferred language. Your community is diverse, and you need everyone to process your information clearly.

10+ methods of sending for all of your alerts

sms alert


phone call alert


email alert


rss alert


push notification alert

Push Notes

computer alert


cap alert

CAP Alert

facebook alert


twitter alert


blue light alert

Blue Lights

webhooks alert


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Computer panic button emergency safety devices

Computer panic buttons

Software protection on every device

Don't settle for protecting only a select few areas on campus. With affordable software panic buttons, installation and testing is no problem at all. Ditch those expensive hard-wired panic buttons for complete security on every device.

Activation options

Multiple activation options are all discrete and fast. Users can choose the type of emergency, and even if they don't, the activation will still go through.

Cost effective

With our cloud-based software, deployments are cost-effective at any scale due to reduced overhead and optimized workflows.

Remote testing

Remote test your panic buttons at any time through the 911Cellular portal. You can even view last check-in times for each device.


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