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Panic buttons are a proven solution in the fight against healthcare violence as they help reduce response times to incidents that could prove costly. 911Cellular has developed a proven, layered approach to protecting your caregivers, whether they work in behavioral healthcare, the ER, home healthcare or anywhere in between.

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Violence in healthcare is still costly

annual incidents per 10,000 workers


average medical costs per injury


average total cost per incident


The National Institute of Standards and Technology tested our location software and found that a panic button activation could be identified down to the exact floor and room number.

Detects relocation

If a panic button is activated and the person needing assistance is on the move, their updated location is monitored and relayed to the web portal for security personnel to see and take the proper action.

Quick response teams

Customize exactly who receives information when a panic button is activated from a certain location. Team members can receive an SMS message or phone call only during their shift.

over 70 percent

A 100,000+ 911Cellular panic button deployment reduced security response times by over 70% in one healthcare setting

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healthcare violence solution - emergency laerts

Emergency alerts

Inform your staff from anywhere

Keeping your staff informed at all times is a serious task... and you won't always have access to a computer when the message needs to go out. 911Cellular's web portal app gives you anywhere access to quick-sending capabilities so you can rest assured that your community will receive all important alerts in a timely manner.

Community feedback

Advanced 2-way communication features allow you to receive feedback from your staff members when prompted... such as their safety status and location during a potential emergency.

Automatic weather alerts

Integration with the National Weather Service provides automatic notifications, once your parameters are met, to your specifically chosen recipients and locations before bad weather hits that area.

Send from any device

Navigating an emergency alert interface should always be easy no matter which device you have access to at the time. That's why we've prioritized a simple smartphone experience of the 911Cellular web portal.

10+ methods of sending for all of your alerts

sms alert


phone call alert


email alert


rss alert


push notification alert

Push Notes

computer alert


cap alert

CAP Alert

facebook alert


twitter alert


blue light alert

Blue Lights

webhooks alert


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