Computer panic buttons

Discreet emergency assistance from any device

  • Simple, intuitive sending interface with no sacrifice of features
  • Recipients receive your message in their preferred language
  • Community feedback gives you more information about a live event
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"It's exciting to see all the different functionality that exists... it's probably the highest rewarding software purchase that I've made in my five years as CIO..."

Ray Stanley
CIO, Marian University
Computer panic button emergency safety devices

Unparalleled coverage

Without the hassle of physical buttons

Computer panic buttons provide cost-effective coverage without the headaches that come with the installation and maintenance of physical panic buttons.

Discrete activation

Those in need can activate without fear of alarming others in the vicinity with discrete activation options and multiple ways to signal for help.

Cost effective

With our cloud-based software, deployments are cost-effective at any scale due to reduced overhead and optimized workflows.

Remote testing

Remote test your panic buttons at any time through the 911Cellular portal. You can even view last check-in times for each device.

Simple activation...
Computer panic button emergency safety key press

Configurable keystrokes

Computer panic button emergency safety icon

Double click the task-tray icon

...and configurable post-activation options
Computer panic buttons emergency safety post configuration

Display incident types

After someone activates a computer panic button, you have to option to display multiple incident types so they can further identify the situation. These options will give your security team additional insight as to how they may need to respond.

These incident types options can be easily toggled on or off in the portal. If the person who activated the computer panic button does not select an option, the signal will still go through to your responders.

Teaming up with your cameras

Security cameras...

If you already have cameras in place to help protect your community members, it's easy and fast to integrate with 911Cellular's computer panic buttons to provide complete protection services.

Whenever a computer panic button is activated, your nearby security cameras can be configured to display in the 911Cellular portal so you can see every angle of the incident in real time.

emergency notification system - I'm safe screen

...and webcams

Computer panic buttons also integrate with your device's webcams. This optional configuration allows live streaming of the webcam attached to the device from which the panic button was activated.

The command center

Stunningly stress free and simple

With the all-in-one 911Cellular portal, your configuration, training and continued use is a breeze. The expertly designed interface gives you all the features you need to deploy an enterprise-level system, without the clutter and confusion of a crowded product. Track intricate analytics for panic button activations across any timeframe or portal user.

Computer panic buttons emergency safety portal

NIST-tested location technology

Can locate down to the floor and room number

No additional hardware required

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