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Staying Safe on NYE

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NYE can be such a fun holiday, but it’s important to stay safely enjoy the night. New Year’s Eve sees the highest percentage of deaths related to alcohol. Almost half of all car accidents on NYE and New Year’s Day are due to drinking and driving.

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Staying Safe on NYE

If you haven’t yet, please download Uber or Lyft and familiarize yourself with the apps. You can also save a cab company’s phone number in your phone. But if you’re planning on drinking, don’t plan on driving. A $30 Uber ride is much cheaper than a DUI or worse… Do NOT drink and drive.

If you’re an Uber driver, you can share your locations. Just because you’re driving doesn’t mean that you’re any safer than the people you’re picking up. If you get into an accident, whether caused by a drunk driver, bad weather, or any other unknown reasons, you want to make sure your loved ones know where you are. NYE is a great time to go out or drive and make money, but you should do so safely. Whether you’re driving or celebrating NYE, you should let someone know what your plans are and where you’ll be.

Do not leave your drink unattended. Even if you’re just going to the bathroom, you should bring your beverage. Be aware of your surroundings, including the people near you. Do not go to unfamiliar places by yourself. Being in a group, especially with people you know and trust, is much safer than going out alone on NYE.

Your pets need to stay safe on NYE, too. If you’re going out, make sure your house is locked up tight and your animals can’t get out. If your neighborhood is prone to shooting off fireworks, this can spook your pets. Scared animals can cause accidents, get hit by cars, or bite someone because they’re frightened. Keep the lighting low and consider playing soothing music for your animals while you’re out. And just to be safe, make sure they’re wearing collars with their tags. Melatonin can be a safe supplement to give your dogs if they’re easily scared; it will help them sleep. Make sure to ask your veterinarian about the proper dosage and confirm that it’ safe for your dog.

If you see something suspicious while you’re out, don’t hesitate to call the police. You could be saving someone’s life or stop a break-in or car theft from happening. Your safety is important, as is everyone else’s in your community.


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