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Bracing For Severe Weather in 2019

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The last two years were quite stressful for large portions of the United States living in areas prone to natural disasters and severe weather. In 2018, the US incurred a record high of $33.79 billion in damages due to 15 storms, eight hurricanes and two major tornadoes.

As the United States is still under the threat of catastrophic hurricanes and storms, it is slowly becoming essential that various institutions take advantage of severe weather alert systems. 2019 is likely to follow in the footsteps of 2018, bringing about a slew of storms and hurricanes of varying strengths.

2019 Atlantic Hurricane Season

2019 will most likely be a rehash of 2018 with severe thunderstorms. Experts Phil Klotzbach and Michael Bell at Colorado State University have already given an early prediction on what people in the United States should expect in terms of storm and hurricanes.

Although the report is anticipating fewer storms than previous years, the report showed that there are five possible scenarios involving strong winds and hurricanes in 2019 that will affect the US.

The United States is most likely to experience about eight to eleven named storms, one to two significant hurricanes and three to five smaller hurricanes. The experts at Colorado State University anticipated that this scenario has a probability of 30%.

Coastal Cities in Danger

Since 2019 will either be a break from the continuous barrage of cyclones and hurricanes or a continuation of the past three years. Several coastal cities are especially vulnerable:

Miami, Florida

Miami is a city that is always at a high risk of severe storms. Miami is 16% more likely to experience a hurricane in any given year than any other coastal city in the country. Moreover, Miami’s geography makes the town very susceptible to storms, as it is only 42 feet above sea level.

Also, a large population of Miami residents live 20 miles off the coastline, which can lead to extensive property damage.

Key West, Florida

Much like Miami, Key West is also a city that is highly susceptible to hurricanes. The town is only 18 feet above sea level, which makes it highly vulnerable to flooding and storms during the hurricane season.

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans has already been a victim of one of the worst hurricanes in American history: Hurricane Katrina. On average, New Orleans has an 11% likelihood of experiencing a hurricane every year, along with a storm.


It’s no secret that businesses, colleges, schools and other institutions located near coastal cities are highly susceptible to hurricanes and other severe weather challenges. To learn more about how to stay connected with your community during these critical moments, visit 911cellular.com.

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