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Remote Deployment During a Pandemic

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The COVID-19 pandemic has emphasized the importance of contactless delivery when it comes to grocery shopping and food delivery. But what about businesses outside of the food industry? How can businesses owners, integrators and other partners sell their products while the majority of people are still working away from the office? 

Many Americans are still staying home, even as some states begin to reopen, according to an analysis from The Washington Post. 

Bringing remote deployment into focus. COVID-19 has changed the way in which everyone will conduct business for the foreseeable future. Product features such as remote product deployment, virtual consulting / troubleshooting, and distant monitoring have become focal points for consumers and clients. The 911Cellular safety system has become a leader in the crisis communication field due to its ability to be sold, deployed, updated and monitored almost 100% remotely. 

Selling and consulting remotely. 911Cellular provides a comprehensive consulting worksheet to thoroughly assess a client’s safety product needs. The consulting worksheet eliminates the need for on-site visits and facilitates fruitful conversations with clients. From helping a client remaining compliant (Alyssa’s Law, Clery Act, etc.) to implementing a fully integrated safety system, we make it simple for partners to assess client needs. The 911Cellular system is simple to set up and intuitive to use, making remote product demonstrations engaging and interactive.

No contact and remote product deployment. All 911Cellular products can be deployed and put into action while clients work away from the office. There is absolutely no additional hardware installation needed to implement the 911Cellular safety system. For example, Bluetooth Panic Buttons can be shipped anywhere in the world and can be set up remotely by end users, no contact necessary.  Similarly, 911Cellular’s Mobile Safety App, which  transforms any Android or iPhone into a personal panic button, is easily downloaded by end users wherever they are. In addition to being able to initiate a panic using their phone, end users can also anonymously submit safety tips or concerns and start dialog with security forces. Lastly, using 911Cellular’s Mass Notification System allows clients to create groups and notification recipient lists, test the system, and send mass notification (using 10 different communication platforms) all while working remotely. 

Monitoring remotely. An integral part of the 911Cellular System is the web-based Portal, where safety forces can monitor panic activations, manage tip submission dialogues, send out mass notifications, and customize the Mobile Safety App. The Portal can be accessed and monitored remotely by clients anywhere an internet connection is present. In the same vein, partners can utilize the Portal to monitor a client’s set-up status, making remote support a breeze.

Are you Interested in partnering with 911Cellular? Visit our website to learn just how simple contactless remote deployment can be.

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