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Feature Focus: HIPS (Hyper-Accurate Indoor Positioning System)

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In this Feature Focus, we will dip our toes into the vast ocean of indoor positioning system technology, and why 911Cellular’s HIPS (Hyper-Accurate Indoor Positioning System) is transforming the emergency communications landscape.

What is IPS?

Within the realm of emergency communications, an IPS (indoor positioning system) is a system which is used to locate people inside of a building. There is no standard IPS system used for this application, though many companies develop these systems.

What is HIPS?

HIPS is an IPS on steroids. This hyper-accurate technology was independently tested by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, which found its location accuracy to be far better than what FCC requirements call for by year 2021. HIPS technology is developed for implementation with a multitude of panic button solutions… including desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones and bluetooth devices.

According to NIST’s official report, the technology would be just as accurate in a 100-story building and can locate an emergency signal down to the floor and room number. This is particularly helpful for many institutions nationwide as HIPS technology requires NO additional hardware to receive the full system benefits. That means no beacons, and no expensive installations!

The origin of HIPS

Before NIST ever tested our technology… and behind all the stats… is an intention to build emergency communication software that helps save people’s lives when they’re in dire need of assistance. 911Cellular was born from tragedy… and our mission to provide lifesaving solutions to communities everywhere is why HIPS even started being developed in the first place. We are very proud how many lives we’ve impacted to this point… but we are NOT satisfied with our current achievements because there is still so much more we can offer. We will continue to be better today than we were yesterday… and until tomorrow, that’s all we can do!

To find out more about HIPS technology and its uses within panic button products, visit 911cellular.com.

Or you can view the official NIST report about 911Cellular’s location technology.

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