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Your Guide to Holiday Safety

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The holidays are always fun. Shopping for gifts for your loved ones, finding great deals online, and going on holiday vacations are just a few of the things that most of us look forward to. But unfortunately, holidays are also a time where holiday safety issues arise, but we very rarely do we think about holiday safety and it’s importance. So we wanted to give you holiday safety tips that you can use to safeguard yourself, your home, and your loved ones. These holiday safety tips are things that you can practice all of the time; not just during the holidays.

  • When shopping online, make sure you are on a secure website. Look for the lock symbol in the address bar. Also, protect your passwords. Change them often, and make sure they are unique. There are even apps that you can download (LastPass is a great one to look into) that will store your passwords and verify that they are strong enough.
  • If you’re going out of town, try to find someone that can bring your mail inside for you and do a check on your house. If you’re not able to find someone to help and you’ll be gone for more than a week, ask the post office to put a stop on your mail. This is an easy way to make sure burglars can’t determine immediately if you’re home or not. Also, invest in a timer and set a lamp to turn on so that it looks like someone is home. Closing your curtains completely when you don’t normally do so is a telltale sign that you’re gone. There are an estimated 400,000 break-ins during the months of November and December, so do what you can to prevent becoming a statistic.
  • If you’re going shopping, let someone know where you’ll be going and approximately when you’ll be home.
  • Whether shopping for a few hours or going on a vacation, do not post that you’ll be out of town on social media. You can post pictures when you get home, but please don’t give people an invitation to break-in to your home by telling them you won’t be there for an extended amount of time.

Holiday Safety These are just a few simple holiday safety tips that will ensure that you can enjoy your holidays safely. We will be posting more tips throughout the month on our social media pages, so make sure to follow us!

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