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Effective Communication During Active Shooter Situations

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If there is one thing that all experts can agree on, it’s the importance of effective communication during active shooter situations. Schools and even some larger corporations now implement Active Shooter drills, and go over the instructions on what to do in this type of crisis. We want to share some tips on how to effectively communicate if you’re ever in the unfortunate situation where a shooting does take place.

Does your community utilize a mass notification system? We have shared some information on our website that breaks down the effective communication that comes along with mass notification and how 911Cellular is able to reliably send out mass notifications across 8 different platforms. Even if your city or school isn’t using 911Cellular, you can at least be armed with the knowledge of what mass notification systems SHOULD do: https://www.911cellular.com/mass-notification-2/

If you’re the person sending out mass notifications, make sure you set up your QuickAlerts. These allow you to write and save notifications ahead of time so you’re not fumbling around during high-pressure situations when an incident occurs. These also help you save precious seconds when every moment counts. We often say “Saving time, Saving lives”, and we really mean it. Effective communication comes in all forms; and quickly sending out messages to hundreds or even thousands of people on a reliable network can truly make a difference.

All of our products are integrated and controlled under one easy-to-use web portal. During an incident, app users can be sent early warning push notification alerts to ask if they’re safe. Contacts such as family members will be automatically notified of their status. No one should have to worry for hours about the safety of their loved ones. We work hard to ensure that our app system allows much faster notifications via push notifications.

Mass Notification System

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