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Feature Focus: COVID Tools, Submit Tip & Resource Tile

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Welcome to this week’s Feature Focus, where we highlight a specific aspect of the 911Cellular Solution and find out what makes it so valuable. Today’s topic is Mobile Safety App features that can assist your organization in reopening, remaining open safely, and preventing the spread of COVID-19.



The Submit Tip feature shines for its ability to be customized and molded to fit your organization’s needs. Administrators can create tip categories such as ‘social distancing violation’, ‘unsafe public gathering’, etc. App users can easily and discreetly notify health and safety forces anonymously as well as include helpful pictures and videos. In turn, safety forces have the option to start a conversation with the tip submitter, even if the tip submitter chose to remain anonymous. Additionally, the organization’s Administrators can be proactive in encouraging use of the feature by enabling a ‘See Something, Say Something’ campaign. This campaign will automatically send push notifications to a small portion of your community each day, asking them a question such as ‘have you seen any mask violations lately?’. When an app user clicks into the push notification, they will be taken directly to the Submit Tip feature.



The Resources tile serves as a repository of helpful information just waiting to be accessed by app users. The Resources tile is a reliable tool within the Mobile Safety App that is exceptionally useful at collecting, organizing, and displaying critical COVID-19 tools that you choose for your community. Many communities across the country are already directing community members to their Mobile Safety App’s Resources tile to easily access important information such as …


Transforming existing Mobile Safety App features into community COVID tools engages existing app users and attracts new app user participation. Are you interested in keeping your community safe, informed, and active in your organization’s efforts to combat the spread of COVID-19? Visit our website to learn more!

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