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The COVID Safety System provides much-needed clarity for your organization

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The rhythm of our daily life, the decisions we make, and how we operate our organizations have all been deeply affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. For many organizations, the pressure to reopen for economic and social reasons are being heavily weighed against exposure and liability risks. Business owners find themselves with decision paralysis when it comes to determining what a successful and safe reopening process looks like. In order to cut through the confusion and frustration surrounding reopening, 911Cellular has created the COVID Safety System. If you’re thinking about reopening your facilities, do so safely by reducing the level of uncertainty involving COVID-19 within your organization.


What is the COVID Safety System?

The COVID Safety System is a comprehensive collection of features that allows you to gather organizational data about your community members’ potential exposure to COVID-19 without storing or displaying any individual health data from your community. The COVID Safety System also allows community members to present time-sensitive entry badges based on satisfactory completion of self-assessments to ensure your facilities are kept as safe as possible.

A Customizable Self-Assessment Tool allows you to create multiple self-assessments based on different job titles, departments or other categories within your organization. When configuring each self-assessment and the questions / responses within… you get to determine exactly which responses are satisfactory, eventually leading to satisfactory completion and a valid, time-sensitive badge.

Different self-assessments might be necessary for those with job descriptions that include higher risk exposure potential. For instance, a nurse working at a hospital may be exposed to patients with COVID-19 symptoms on a regular basis, but an administrator at that same hospital may not have that same level of expected exposure. Creating and distributing different self-assessments for each of these jobs is crucial for gathering accurate data and allowing your organization to continue running smoothly and safely. After creating your self-assessments, your community members can complete them directly from their smartphones.




An Entry Badge System provides your community members with a time-sensitive badge on their smartphone upon satisfactory completion of your self-assessment. This badge prominently displays how much time remains until it expires and can be verified by showing to personnel at reception areas, security guard stations or other entry check points. The community members who complete their self-assessments with unsatisfactory results will instantly receive helpful information directly from you that can include how to best protect themselves, loved ones and community members from COVID-19. A lockout period (determined by you) will also be engaged upon self-assessment completion with unsatisfactory results, preventing community members from immediately retaking the self-assessment. You can choose to utilize valid badges for multiple purposes, such as checking before vehicle operation, restricted area access or shift changes… as well as for general facility entry.

A valid badge contains the following key elements:

  • Validation: The user has completed the self-assessment with satisfactory results. A green check-mark will appear as well as the time and date of the self-assessment’s completion.
  • Time Sensitivity: A large countdown timer appears in the center of the badge to indicate how long the badge remains valid. When the timer expires, the badge will turn red and the countdown text will clearly indicate that the badge has expired. You can customize how long each badge remains valid per self-assessment.
  • Name & Your Identifier: The name your identifier (job title, department, building of operation) for the Mobile Safety App user will appear above the countdown timer when a valid badge is obtained. This information is provided by the Mobile Safety App and is not displayed with self-assessment results within the Portal.




Powerful analytics available in the Portal are presented to those with permission and include crucial data such as the total number of self-assessments completed. The data displayed in the Portal can be sorted by date range and can assist in key decision-making processes by instantly giving you a snapshot of your organization’s COVID-19 status.




Protecting your organization and the privacy of your community members is a major priority. The COVID Safety System gathers important information about your community as a whole without storing or displaying individual self-assessment results or health data.

The COVID Safety System Analytics can help you:

  • Estimate how many community members may be able to return to work.
  • Understand the reality of your organization’s ability to staff or fill shifts.
  • Observe the overall health trend within your organization over time.

The flexibility of the COVID Safety System allows you to customize multiple features to best suit the needs of your community during the re-opening process. Some of these customizations include:

  • Control how frequently community members are required to take the self-assessment by modifying the badge validation time limit.
  • Determine what information and resources community members are shown if they complete the self-assessment with unsatisfactory results.
  • Customize self-assessment questions to be relevant and meaningful for your specific organization and reopening needs.
  • Craft multiple self-assessments for different job descriptions, departments or other key identifiers within your organization.


Efficient operations using the COVID Safety System

The COVID Safety System provides a consistent, efficient workflow for your reopening process in the COVID-19 era. Checking for valid badges at entry points can be similar to the process you may have experienced at facilities with occupancy limitations. With the valid badge directly on each person’s smartphone, validation checks become a simple, quick and efficient way to greatly bolster access control within your facilities. Badge validation empowers individuals to take responsibility and maintain accountability for their own health… as well as the health of others. This is also a way for businesses to mitigate risk and liability associated with the spread of COVID-19.

The COVID Safety System helps bring clarity and stability to the confusion and frustration that surrounds the COVID-19 pandemic and the reopening process. Our goal is to protect your community while keeping your organization up and running. Liability reduction and effective risk management are a large part of the solution, and we’re thrilled to provide you with the tools to help you accomplish both. You can easily integrate the COVID Safety System into your existing COVID-19 prevention workflow… or simply create new, efficient workflows for facility entry, vehicle operation or more.


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