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Why is Common Alerting Protocol Important for Mass Communication?

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Various institutions in the United States are finally taking steps to install and implement emergency alert systems, yet what they don’t realize is that many of them are already obsolete.

An emergency alert system is one of the most important security elements of any organization, as it ensures the safety of employees. However, as technology is in a constant state of flux and is ever changing, most of the alert systems companies are using have now become obsolete since the introduction of CAP (Common Alerting Protocol) in 2010.

What is Common Alerting Protocol?

CAP is a digital format that sends warning messages and alerts over a wide array of peripherals and areas. It is a product of the collaboration between FEMA and OASIS (Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards), and it is the only software to provide public alert messages at such a scale.

A good example of this software is Google Public Alerts, which is Google’s answer to CAP. Google Public Alerts functions in various regions and sends alerts to users through its vast array of apps and websites. CAP is especially effective as it is able to send notifications on any device and utilizes a wide array of channels, such as cable TV, the internet, and even radio channels, among others.


CAP carries with it a slew of different functions that allow it to send alerts through a variety of different channels. CAP is a lot more versatile as compared to other emergency alert systems for a multitude of reasons. The first of which is its ability to send specific messages to a select group of people.

CAP is able to send a variety of different messages, through different channels and to different people in an instant. With CAP you can get a message or notification, regardless of its format, to any recipient instantly without having to choose each recipient individually.

Speaking of reaching designated recipients, all notifications and messages sent through this system are encrypted, which makes them safe from hackers or any other potential security threats. You can also distribute your messages depending on geographic location, further improving the control that you have over who receives the notifications and messages. This software also has better and more enhanced message update and cancellation features.


Using CAP is one of the most effective ways to ensure that all your intended recipients receive their messages in their time of need. You can also further edit the message to your desire, and can continue to send updates to your desired demographic.

Communication is one of the most important parts of operating a company – especially in a time of need, and CAP will help you get your message out to your recipients efficiently and effectively. Make sure your notification system is CAP compliant before implementation. Visit our website to learn more about Mass Notification Systems and CAP.


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