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Why You Need a Business Emergency Communication Plan

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Any company, regardless of the work they do or the market they operate in, should always be planning for business emergency communication. Catastrophic events do not occur at a certain time or with any given warning; rather, they can be spontaneous and completely random.

This is why every business should have a mass notification system that will allow you to properly communicate with your workforce in a catastrophic event.

What is a Mass Notification System?

Much like the changes in an economy and markets that companies operate in, catastrophic events can be unpredictable. However, regardless of how unpredictable a catastrophic event may be, a company must be prepared for it and must be able to send alerts and notifications to its workforce at a moment’s notice. This is where emergency response planning comes into play.

A mass notification system is a very important part of any emergency response plan, as it can send pre-saved messages at a moment’s notice. In a time of crisis you can only imagine how important this can be. With the help of good mass notification software, you can select all of the people that need to receive a message and you can also choose the type of message that they will receive.

In simple terms, a mass notification system for business is software that sends notifications, messages or distress signals to your workforce at a moment’s notice.

Why Your Business Needs One

A business must be prepared for an unlikely event or a catastrophe, which is why every company makes a proper emergency response plan. A major part of that plan is a mass communication system that will allow you to communicate and inform your workforce on how to proceed with the event.

Mass communication software boasts a plethora of different customization options in order for you to get the most out of it. You can send to a variety of platforms including text, email, digital signage, website and social media… all while selecting the specific contacts you wish to send this message to.

This system is designed to ensure that every person gets a message or notification of some sort at a time of panic. Whether there is a fire, natural disaster, active shooter or any type of hazard, you will be able to notify every member of your workforce.


A catastrophic event can often be spontaneous and very sudden, which makes it all the more important for your company to have a proper mass notification system in place to notify members of your company. Your mass notification system will be a central part of your business emergency communication plan.

911Cellular provides high level technology that can be very useful during an unusual event, as we provide products other than the mass notification system. You can visit our website or contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

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